We’re not going to rehash everything about every event each week as it just gets repetitive. We’ll just give you detailed info about the new parties and a summary of the regular/weekly events.

La Trapeze On Premise (NYC) Limp

When: Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat

Who: Couples only
Cost: $110/$120

Carousel On Premise (NYC) Limp

When: Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat

Who: Cpls/Singles Mon/Wed/Fri. Cpls only Sat

Cost: $120ish

Checkmate On Premise (NYC) Semi

When: Fri/Sat

Who: Cpls only

Cost: $120ish

Amantes On Premise (Brooklyn) Semi

When: Thu/Fri/Sat

Who: Cpls/Singles Thu/Fri. Cpls only Sat
Cost: $80-$120ish

Casbar On Premise (Brooklyn) Semi

When: Fri

Who: Cpls/Singles
Cost: Cpls $50. Guys $150

Not sure where in BK this is going down. These guys used to be a mainstay in the NYC swing scene. Now they have an occasional roaming event. They’re filming a porn so wear your best socks and take a viagra guys. An extra $100 gets you footage from the event so you can post it up on Facebook.

The Manor Off Premise (Long Island) Semi, but keep it in your pants

When: Fri/Sat

Who: Singles & Cpls Fri. Cpls only Sat

Cost: Free before 11:30. $40-$60 after that

RolePlay On Premise(Atlantic City) Hard

When: Fri/Sat

Who: Cpls/Singles Fri. Cpls only Sat
Cost: $69-$120ish

SexxyMofo Off Premise (NYC) Hard, but keep it in your pants

When: Sat

Who: Cpls

Cost: $100 + cash bar so bring your ATM card. Drinking + dry humping = lots of pricy NYC drinks. Their parties are the epitome of spectacle. DJ. Classy Club. Sexy girls paid to dance and get the party pumping. This is their School Girl party so break out your plaid skirts and knee socks. They throw off the biggest off premise lifestyle events in NYC and have been doing it for years. Generally a hot crowd but it tends to be cliquey. And don’t be shy – photographs/videos will be taken. We spoke to a couple last night who ended up being on youtube after attending one of their events. Not that there’s any sex going on, but unless you’re at the West Indian Day Parade, you’re probably not expecting to be filmed doing the bump and grind with a total stranger.

Friction Off Premise (Phlly) Hard, but keep it in your pants

When: Sat

Who: Cpls
Cost: $80 + $89 for the hotel room you’ll need to get. We don’t usually talk much about anything happening in Philadelphia unless it’s G-Love and Special Sauce. But he hasn’t been happening since the 90’s, so I guess we don’t talk much about Philadelphia. That said, if you happen to be that far south, check these guys out. We’ve heard some good things about Friction parties and they’ve been around for years so they’re doing something right. This is another of the School Girl ilk of parties – not especially original but ladies seem to like dressing up as such. Or guys are pedos. Or Ladies think that guys are pedos. Or women are just trying to recapture their youth because they see their husbands constantly looking at young girls and flirting obnoxiously with their waitresses and the sitter. You guys are fucking disgusting! WTF?