One of the amazing things about this so called lifestyle is that you meet some really incredible people. Truthfully, we’ve met most of our best friends today either by having sex with them, or at an event where we were naked with them at the very least. I guess it makes for more honest, open relationships. Either that or we’re all just ridiculously sick fucks and connect on that level.

A few years ago, we met a couple from Spain who were spending their holiday in NYC. The communication was stilted but he, (his name was seriously Jesus, a rather common Spanish name), had a decent grasp on English, and my girl knows her way around the Spanish language, so we managed. The main hurdle was that my Spanish is deplorable at best, and her English, lets call her “Mary” for the sake of this story, was even worse. But our chance encounter was quite memorable and incredibly sexual to say the least. Not much conversation necessary. *Grin*

At the end of our “date” they invited us to visit them in Spain. As it happens, several months later we had an opportunity, and took them up on the offer. It was quite a treat to visit a foreign city and see it through the eyes of a local. No touristy bullshit. No cheesy shit-shops or overpriced restaurants. No crap clubs. It was the real deal. An absolutely stunning trip. Met some amazing people and hung out at all of the best local spots. Shit you’d never find in a guide book.

And yes, of course, there was sex. One incident in particular will always stand out in my mind. We’d spent some time drinking at a local lounge and had retreated back to their flat. After an hour or so on their roof, drinking in the city from above, we charged towards their bedroom for some fun.

I was with “Mary” and we were enjoying each other rather thoroughly. Even though our ability to communicate verbally was about as successful as two one-legged men in a kicking contest, the sex itself was a piece of pie. And a delicious one at that.

I had her from behind when she she suggested I try anal with her. She was emphatic that I be gentle and my girl ensured her in Spanish that I would be. Of course it started off gentle but built to a sweaty climax of amazing proportions. And she definitely approved! Because as we lay together in a pile of sweat and smiles, she turned to me and whispered “You fuck my ass better than Jesus”.