This feature is a weekly aggregate of parties and events happening in the NYC area. A one-stop-shopping of sorts for swinger soirees.

But we don’t just post the listings; we give you inside tidbits, heads ups, and even insights to the guest lists of some of the events. So you’re able to make a more informed decision based on your own personal sexual proclivities.

We do our best to stay objective and just give you the facts. But everyone will have an entirely different experience. We encourage you to try everything and anything that piques your interest you kinky little monsters.

For whatever reason, Friday is a much slower night in the swing community. So any event you attend on Friday will be smaller and more intimate, which can be good, depending on your comfort level.

Another thing you should definitely take into consideration is that most of these venues allow single guys on Fridays to boost revenue. No matter how you slice it, that’s a dicey move. A gaggle of single, horny, unsupervised guys roaming around in a sexually charged environment can lead to some unsavory experiences to put it mildly.

Not that you shouldn’t try it out, but be prepared for some unwanted and potentially uncomfortable advances. Unless you’re looking for a multiple guy experience, in which case, you’re such a whore, Friday is the definitely night for you, (and please feel free to contact us in private;)!

Friday, 9/9/2011

Rollplay – completely erect

Located in Atlantic City, it can be a bit of a trek depending on where you’re located. They attract a younger, good looking crowd. And the venue is gorgeous! It’s completely on premise. Single women are free and couples are $69 – interesting price point. Single guys, no clue, but they’ll probably get you for at least $100. They seem like very nice people, so if you’re in AC, you’ll enjoy the environment, they have a DJ, and at the very least you can have some intimate fun with whomever you attend with.

Club Manor – semi erect

Located in Bethpage, NY, this spot is also a bit off the beaten path. They have no cover on Friday nights but this is an off premise venue. Think of it as a night club where everyone is a swinger. Cash bar. Dancing. Dj. Not the most outgoing crowd but again, the owners seem to be nice people and if you’re very new, it’s an interesting place to dip your toes into the swinging pool. No screening process that we could discern, so from old to young, in shape to pear shape and everything in between. It’s always hit or miss but we’ve had an occasional good time there. Be prepared to get a hotel or head back to someone’s apartment for play time. Great pick up spot for a single guy.

Carousel – flaccid for couples/ hard on for single guys

This is one of the mainstays of NYC swinging. Been around for over 10 yrs. Not much has changed, including the decor and the clientele. It was one of the very first swing events we attended and it was a very short and chaotic stay. It felt like the club scene out of From Dusk till Dawn but without Selma Hayek. No screening process at all. It’s one thing when it’s an off premise event, but Carousel is an anything goes type of party, so be prepared! This Friday is one of their Porn Star events. Not sure who they bring in but we’d be willing to bet she’s not an A-lister. Could be interesting though. How often to you get to interact with a porn star without a keyboard being involved. Not sure what the rates are but it’s BYOB. Single guys are allowed – and with a porn star there, there will be more than few of them.

Checkmate – semi erect

Another of the old school NYC venues. BYOB. On Premise. Pretty sure Fridays are single guy nights. You’re more likely to find a hot couple or … ok, maybe just one hot couple, but a slightly better crowd than most on premise venues. And their DJ is the shit, so that’s a definite plus. You could have a good night there.

Le Trapeze- flaccid

This is probably the longest standing swing club in NYC. In the day, you could do no better. Bread was also 5¢ a loaf. I’m sure they try to do a good thing. And they’ve been around for ages, so they’re doing something right. The downfall of almost all of these places is screening. And rent in Manhattan being what it is, it’s hard to say no when someone want’s to give you $120. On the upside, they attract an incredibly diverse crowd from all over the world. Swingers visiting NYC from abroad hear about this place first for whatever reason. As a first-time experience for the uninitiated, we could not in good conscience recommend it. It’s wild, comfortable with itself, flaws and all, and completely unabashed. And truth be told, for older and less-fit couples, this place is the place. And there should be a place that everyone can call their own.

Amantes – semi erect

These guys are relative new comers to the scene. Located in downtown Brooklyn, you’ll find their crowd to be quite diverse. Again, they’re more about having fun than being selective so go with an open mind. These guys are on premise. Couples are $60-$80 and single guys are $100. It’s a decent sized venue with lots of nooks and play areas.  Great people running the show, but don’t go looking for perfection.

All of the above venues are open Saturday night as well. All with basically the same set up, sans the single guys. And the prices will be a bit higher on Saturday. But you can also expect a bigger crowd.

Saturday, 9/10/2011

Skin – hard on, just keep it in your pants

These guys have been around for several years. They hold monthly roaming dance parties in NYC. It’s a sexy vibe. DJ. They’ve got some hot girls that work for them to bring in some sexy energy. Usually a very good looking crowd. Well dressed and behaved. This is an off premise event so it’s basically a meet and greet at an upscale lounge or club in NYC. $60- $80 per cpl at the door. Cash bar. Be prepared to get a hotel or head back to someone’s apartment for play time.

The Couples newtowk – possible hard on

These guys are new so we don’t know much about them. It’s a “DJ and Dance party” so, basically a meet and greet. Cash bar and $50 per couple. Located in Sufferin, NY??, so get a hotel or a designated driver. Guest list looks good so this could be worth checking out. Be prepared to get a hotel or head back to someone’s apartment for play time.