Our goal is for this blog to become a forum for those of you who have been in this so called lifestyle for a while now,as well a guiding hand for those who are curious and seeking advice. A place where you can connect with others of like minds and bodies. Feel free to ask questions. Read the posts. Lurk. Or jump right in! And of course offer up you own advice, as ours is certainly not the last word.

This is yet another stepping stone on our journey towards creating an underground community in this world. A place where you can feel free to be yourself and be as open or discreet as you wish. We will never ask you to “out” yourselves, but we do ask that you have a bit of taste and decorum out here. It’s very easy to hide behind your keyboard. But none of us are any better or worse than anyone else. So please keep that in mind when posting.

Take our hand and join us on this voyage. Or if you prefer, grab onto a more interesting part of our anatomy. Go ahead, we’re all friends here.