So you’ve been thinking about swinging/swapping/the lifestyle/sex with other people while in the company of your significant other, and don’t know where to begin. Fret not. There are no rules. No play-by-play, how-to book on making the first move. There are however, people like us who have years of experience participating as well as playing party hosts.

We know everything from the first-hand anticipation of a first time encounter, to second-hand drama of a two-timing douchebag, to holy shit, can you believe she just did that! We’ve gone from dipping our toes in the pool, to getting in way over our heads, to playing life guard – which we’ve been doing once a week for over two years now. It’s given us incredible insight into our own relationship as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the relationships of thousands of other couples.

From the anxious newbies who jump right in with both feet, to the girl who wants to be with two guys and ends up getting left behind at a party, we’ve seen just about every possible permutation and configuration. There may not be a diploma on the wall that anoints us with some higher power in the discipline of sociology with a focus on swinging, but there’s no school on this planet that could afford anyone the experience we’ve got.

Along with being in an open/swinging relationship for over five years, we’ve hosted more than 200 on premise events – for the uninitiated, on premise means a party where sex is not only permitted, but encouraged. So we figured since we’ve been having some of the most amazing sex of our lives, as well as providing a weekly venue for others to do the same, we’d wander out here into the world of the web and offer up some advice, tips, pointers, places to go and things to do for the newcomers and the seasoned alike.

We wish we had a resource like this when we started. And, it goes without saying that all of the names will be changed to protect the innocent  – and guilty. *grin*